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Kekova Boat Trip

Kekova boat trip is one of our most popular daily boat trip . In our Kekova boat trips you may visit one the most important touristic areas of Turkey. Kekova is the generic name of region covering Ucagiz village, Simena Kalekoy, Batiksehir, Akvaryum bay and Tersane bay. The area is steeped in history and remnants of Lycia, Rome, and Byzantine times can all be seen.

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Kekova Day Tour

Kekova Day Tour

Kas Islands Boat Trip

In daily Kas islands boat trip ; you may visit the Islands of Kas which are very close to Meis Island – Greece.

You may swim, sunbath and relax all day long. Also if you like snorkeling you will able to see one of the most importand diving site in Turkey. Kas boat trip is one of the most recommended tour.

You will have fun and have unforgatable memories in turquoise color of water.

Kas Islands Boat Trip

kas islands boat tour

Kaputas Beach Tour

Kaputas Boat Trip  , Kaputas Beach, which is located between Kas and Kalkan, is one of the most stunning beaches in the world.

Photographs of this beach feature in all the Turkey guide books and you need to see it to appreciate why. When the sun shines on the corals close the the shore the sea glistens with turquoise lights.

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Kaputas Boat trip

kaputaş beach boat trip

Kalkan Boat Trip

Kalkan is a small touristic town in the municipality of Kaş. Kalkan was known as “Kalamaki” until 1920 and is believed to have been established by traders that came from Meis Island. Kalkan, once a small fishing village, now attracts tourists from all over the due to it’s tempting combination of beautiful nature, history and turquoise waters.,

For this reason, it has become a luxury destination with it’s high class villas and fancy restaurants. With the town based around a small, picturesque harbour, Kalkan, is an important stop for blue cruise boats.

Kalkan Boat Trip

Kalkan Boat Trip prices

Aperlai Boat Tour

Aperlai boat trip is a perfect choice for our guests .The ancient city of Aperlai was established by Lycian society in the 5th century BC. The majority of the city of Aperlai is under the water today, but many stone tombs in have survived.

With its awesome nature and cystal clear waters, the Aperlai Tour offers the combination of history and nature. You may discover the nature and historical sites at the same time.

Aperlei Boat Tour

Aperlai Daily Boat Tour

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