Kas Kekova Blue Cruise


Kas Kekova Blue Cruise

Our Kas Kekova Blue Cruise is thouroughly enjoyable tour taking in sights including Kekova, Myra, Ucagiz village, Simena, and Kalkan. On this tour, you can enjoy the the sun and the sea, snorkelling, relaxing, and taking in culture.

We will take in many beauriful bays and you will have the opportunity for cultural walks.

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kas kekova blue cruise
Kas Kekova Gulet Tour

Cruise Info

Tour Name: Kas  Kekova Blue cruise
Meeting Point: Kas Marina Bermuda Boat Stand
Departure Time: 10:00 am
Return Time: 09:00 am
Number of Passengers: Max 8 Pax
Duration: 7 Days-7 Nights
Yacht: Our Gulet Dilara will be special for your group

Special Group Rates


Cruise Route

TKas  Kekova Blue cruise is starting…

After meeting at the meeting point our captain will escort you to the boat. Here you will be given more information about the boat and it’s facilities and ask any questions about the tour.

Day 1: Güvercin Island ,Kas Islands and Inönü Bay

We sail to Güvercin island close to Kaş where we have a morning swimming break. We spend the day discovering the islands around and famed for its clear waters. Here you can swim to the secret beach and discover the cave.After we will sail to Inönü bay. We stop here for the night.

Day 2: Yaglica,Akvaryum Bay, Kocakadin Bay

After our breakfast in Inonu bay, we head for Yaglica. Here there is an impressive Canyon and the freshwater flows into the sea. This gives an incredibly refreshing swimming experience .Here we will serve lunch. The next destination will be Akvaryum bay at the entrance of Kekova island. . We then set off for Kocakadın bay ( Old woman bay). There is a story to be told and the Captain will entertain you with tales of the area. We dock here for the night.

Day 3: Sunken city ( Batiksehir ), Simena, Ucagiz,Gokkaya

After our lovely breakfast at Old woman Bay our Sunken city tour will start. This city was submerged as a result of great earthquake and there are many historical structures belonging to Lykian, Roman and Constantinople periods which can be seen from the boat. Due to it’s protected status you are not allowed to swim in this area. We then cross the bay and break for an hour in Simena. Here you may visit the Fortress walls built by the Knights of Rhodes and take in stunning views from the top of the hill. We then sail through the fishing village of Ucagiz bay and head for the natural bay of Gokkaya. This is the largest fo the bays in the region and is calm and sheltered. We dock here for the night.

Day 4: Pirate Cave ,Demre ( Myra ), Karalos

After a delicious breakfast, we take you to Pirate Cave. Famed for it’s phosphorescent lights, this is an excellent spot for snorkelling and swimming. We then dock at Demre where you can take transport to visit the ancient city fo Myra – famed for it’s rock tombs and ancient ampitheatre. Here you can also visit the Chruch of St Nicholas. Karalos Bay will be our overnight stop.

Day 5: Eleksi Island , Ufakdere Bay

After a delicious breakfast at Karalos bay, we head for Eleksi Bay. Here the clean waters are very suitable for snorkeling and fishing. We then head for Ufakdere Bay where we spend the night. You can snorkel or catch fish in these turquoise waters.

Day 6: Maradi Island, Kaputas Beach, Kalkan Firnaz Bay

Our fist stop of the morning is Maradi island . Ths is a 1.5 hours sail from Ufakdere and is close to the Greek İsland of Meis.It’s an amazing experience to swim in bay between two islands. After Maradi island, we sail on to Kaputas beach which is one of the most picturesque spots in Turkey Our overnight stop is Firnaz Bay which is one of the most beautiful bays of Kalkan. The water is clear and flat and protected by the cove.

Day 7: Besmi Island, Limanagzi Bay

After leaving Kalkan Firnaz bay, we will sail to Besmi island. This island is one of the most important diving points in Kas. After our lunch there, we will sail to Limanagzi bay opposite Kas where we spend the night.

Day 8: Tour Ends

We head back to Kas after breakfast.Kas Kekova Blue cruise ends.


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Certificate of Excellence

trip advisor comments

Paris, France

“What a treat!”

I spent a wonderful day across Kekova Bay with this Bermuda Kas boat trip tour. The bay is truly fantastic: cristalline water, hidden beaches and canyons, ancient lycian ruins and postcard-pictoresque village of Kalekoy. The Bermuda staff made sure everything was smooth and very very relaxing for us guests. They are professional and nice, plus they provide a really nice and abundant turkish meal.

If you have a few days in the Lycian area (Kas and surroundings) I definitely recommend this!patlıcan…

Long Beach, California USA

“Gorgeous Trip in Paradise”

Captain Engin is the perfect host. His boat has every luxury a tourist could ask for including fresh showers after the swim and delicious Turkish tea. The trip takes guests to fascinating places such as the sunken city and beautiful Lycian seaside villages. This tour features snorkeling and turtle watching. The canyon snorkeling was a favorite because of the exotic fish and coral reefs. The BBQ lunch served by Captain Engin and his friendly staff was delicious Turkish food and a variety of meze dishes along with the chicken shish kebab. I am planning to go again tomorrow. Kas is a paradise and Captain Engin shows guests the best of the best!! Happy Sailing!


One of our 15 and 18 meter-long luxurious brigantines certified by Ministry of Tourism will be ready for your blue voyage. In all of our brigantines, there is private WC/bath for every cabin. Moreover, there are sunbathing areas, dining table, and lounge suite. There are at least 2 personnel in our brigantines to provide you with the best service.

Food Menu

In overnight charters, breakfast, lunch and dinner are prepared by our boat staff. Moreover, tea and cake are offered in afternoon. The options in our menu are presented below.


Our guests can use the canoe, flipper, masks, fishing rods, and play cards free of any charge. Moreover, there are small and large life vests for our guests who don’t know how to swim. In case of any unexpected accident, there is a small medicine cabinet in our boats.

Simple Menu

Breakfast: Tea, coffee, milk, olive, white cheese, kashar cheese, butter, jam, honey, tomatoes, cucumber, salami, sausage, and egg.

Lunch: The menu consists of meals from Mediterranean and Aegean regions. Green beans, stuffed green pepper, pea with potatoes, split auberigines with meat filling, cranberry beans, and courgette are some of those meals.

Dinner: Dinner menu consists of grill and barbeque options. Regional fish species (bream or bass), meatballs, chicken and other sea foods.

Appetizers: Rice, bulgur, taphouse rice, yoghurt with purslane, vegetable patty, French fries, salad, Russian salad, dried fried aubergines in tomato garlic sauce, blarney, macaroni options, and salad options.

Fiyata Dahil Olan Hizmetlerimiz

  • Tam pansion konaklama
  • Yemek(Sabah,Öğle ve Akşam)
  • Beş çayı yanında kek servisi
  • Meyve ikramı
  • Yakıt,Liman masrafları,Havlu ve Kullanma suyu

Fiyata Dahil Olmayan Hizmetler

  • Soğuk İçecekler
  • Ören yeri giriş ücretleri
  • Gezi Noktalarında Yapılan Harcamalar
  • Transferler

Additional Info and Warnings
  • Because of having open top areas, there is no legal restriction against smoking on the boats. Non- smoking & Sensetive passengers may inform our captian for seating plan before reservation.
  • Our Captain is authorized to change the tour routes , breaks , arrival or departure times or cancel the tour in case of dangerous weather and sea conditions for your safety.
  • The passangers should declareand inform our staff and captain if they have a food allergy.